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Family Law

Family matters are not always easy, in fact, sometimes they can be extremely complicated. If you need legal help with marriage, adoption, divorce, custody, death, estate planning, or other family-related issues, we can help.


Criminal Law

If you are in legal trouble, you need an experienced lawyer that you can trust to defend your legal rights. Ed Orr has over 20 years of experience successfully litigating criminal cases in court and he will fight for you. Get Ed Orr on your side.


Client Testimonials

Edwin W. Orr

Edwin (Ed) Orr was born and raised in Columbia, Missouri, is a University of Missouri alumnus, and is the third generation of attorneys in the Orr family. Ed is one of the leading lawyers in Missouri specializing in family and criminal law.

Ed’s father, Scott Orr, began practicing law in Columbia in 1966, following in his own father’s footsteps before him. Ed is proud to carry on the family tradition, providing excellent legal representation to Mid Missourians for over 20 years.